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Lessons learned from interviewing Neil Patel: mega-successful entrepreneur and online marketer


At first, what was your motivation and how has that evolved over time?

Did your motivations changed quickly or was it a gradual process?

Did you face much criticism or negativity as you were starting?

Who do you spend time with?

How do you pick teammates?

What are the top things you think about when helping someone grow their business?

What are the most common mistakes you see with companies trying to grow their business?

A lot of people don’t know this, but when you were in high school, you went door-to-door selling vacuum cleaners. Some might feel they can’t do something like that. What were some of the lessons you learned?

What were some life experiences that really helped you put the throttle on your growth?

Talk to us about your experiences with lifestyle marketing.

But I learned is what other people feel is sometimes their reality and sometimes you have to go into their beliefs to make money.

What would you tell entrepreneurs to do RIGHT NOW to make their dreams come true?

By Anthony J. Yeung - Medium

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