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My small business was completely destroyed by looting and vandalism during U.S. protests

THE DAMAGES ARE ALMOST A MILLION DOLLARS…Insurance will not cover any of it.

I spent Saturday night in my Los Angeles home, I watched as security-camera feeds showed people shattering the plate glass windows of my store on Melrose Avenue and make off with our inventory and destroy the store. I’ve been robbed before, but nothing like this.

$750,000 — $1Mil worth of high-end designer goods merchandise was stolen.

On this 750k-1M worth of goods, I would sell this in a year to have 150k as profits which I use to survive off of and support my family. I not only won’t profit, I lost the 750k-1M worth of merchandise due to insurance not covering it and am at a huge loss. To even continue my business we need another 750k just to be able to continue running, and it will take me 5 years just to recover from this and get back to where I was a month ago.

CRUVOIR and many other small businesses are already suffering from COVID-19, and the rights of the protestors who want to raise important issues. Protests over the police killing in Minneapolis of George Floyd still continue in cities across the country. We cover this story in our store blog on March 29th, 2020: https://blog.cruvoir.com/in-memory-of-george-floyd


The looting is not chaos, It’s extremely well planned. There are opportunists who are tracking where peaceful protests are occurring, and they are then going to that city, knowing that resources will be tied up in ensuring First Amendment rights to free speech.

On May 30, 2020, thousands took to the streets of Los Angeles to voice their outrage at the impunity of police who kill or brutalize black Americans. Our Surveillance footage shows that organized groups came to scout Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood and then returned later on foot among protesters and hit specific stores including my store CRUVOIR in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Police Department did not respond to the alarm and 9–1–1 calls for help because the LAPD was under a stand-down order from Mayor Eric Garcetti. Opportunists took advantage of that, they looted, and they performed criminal activity. What we can see from the surveillance footage: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKzv7jway0s28_6zRx9n4Sw/videos and from intelligence online is that there are opportunists who are tracking where peaceful protests are occurring, and they are then going to that city, knowing that resources will be tied up in ensuring First Amendment rights to free speech.

My insurance agent told me that none of it will be covered by our Business Liability Insurance policy with Stillwater Insurance. For businesses that purchase Personal Property Coverage like mine, it does not include losses from civil disturbances. Most of the time civil disobedience isn’t a legitimate insurance reason. I still need to check with my lawyer.

CRUVOIR STANDS IN SOLIDARITY with the BLACK AND BROWN COMMUNITIES who have disproportionately fallen victim to prejudicial and racists violence at the hands of police. Not just in Minneapolis. Not just this week. Sadly, this issue is everywhere, at all times.


PEOPLE MATTER MORE THAN THINGS. What matters are people. What matters are lives, and the quality of your life. What matters is our amazing team and our wonderful community. We closed down our store on 5/30/2020 to allow the team to reflect and recharge, and to ensure their safety.

PLEASE DONATE and help support the West Hollywood funding restoration for local businesses that have looted and destroyed in this unique moment of time!


Cody Constantin
CRUVOIR | https://cruvoir.com


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