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Advertising trends to get ahead of in 2021

There were many things about 2020 that no one could have predicted. From the global pandemic that completely changed our way of life to even the unlikely comeback of QR codes – the constant change of this year has forced advertisers to step back from their well-planned marketing strategies and adjust moment-by-moment. Despite there being

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Small wineries saved this year with 50% relying on direct-to-customer sales

Wine sales direct to consumers grew by 7 per cent in value in 2019–20, outperforming other sales channels, according to the results of Wine Australia’s Wine Direct-to-Consumer survey report 2020, released today. Overall, wine sales via all channels declined by 3 per cent during the same period. Across the sector, direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales make up an

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4 Key ways to communicate with the ‘customer of now’

We are currently living against a complex backdrop of personal, societal and global tension. On the positive side, we are seeing more connection, sustainable and ethical consumerism and a resolve to drive positive change. On the negative,  we are witnessing a reality of continued social injustice, health and economic disruption and a lack of faith in traditional

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How to create meaningful ads and avoid public backlash in 2020

Every day, across mainstream media and social media, a myriad of storms erupt that cause damage to governments and companies operating in Australia and their brands. Many of these communication disasters are avoidable if senior leadership, marketing, advertising and PR teams take a moment to think about the language they use and the way ideas

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Catch the 50% of Aussies looking for local businesses online

Turns out 49 per cent of Australians are more likely to support local businesses during the global pandemic, according to Rakuten Advertising. Homegrown brands that promote themselves as uniquely Australian, are more likely to win the hearts of local consumers. Those who choose to shop internationally, are instead motivated by lower prices and better bargains.

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3 Reasons digital marketing fails (and what to do instead)

Is your digital marketing failing to raise your bottom line and outshine your competition? While it’s not uncommon to see campaigns miss the mark, there are ways to quickly turn the tables. Done well, digital marketing delivers great results from more quality leads to strong business growth. Examine the latest stats and trends for yourself.

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