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Side hustle alert: tutoring in high demand

Michael is one of the country’s most inspiring young entrepreneurs and he is encouraging parents with a genuine interest in learning to swap it for income. “The most important element of learning starts with a teacher or tutor that is passionate about learning.   Unfortunately

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Why your small business is failing

The dream of owning your own business is a powerful one, but the reality can be a harsh teacher. While many SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) thrive, a significant portion struggle to gain traction or face closure within their first few years. Here, we explore

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5 Best and worst traits of business owners and SME leaders

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of the British economy. But leading an SME presents unique challenges. Beyond technical expertise, successful leadership hinges on fostering a thriving team environment and navigating a dynamic marketplace. Here, we explore five powerful traits that propel SMEs

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Answering your top 5 starting a business questions

We asked our contact centre agents what the most asked questions are from people wanting to start a business. Starting a business is an exciting time, but it does come with challenges. To help answer some questions you may have, we asked our contact centre

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From side hustle to business success: a practical guide to scaling

This article offers a roadmap for transitioning your side hustle into a flourishing business. It outlines key steps in market validation, operational scaling, strategic growth, and profitability optimization, empowering you to navigate the exciting yet challenging entrepreneurial journey. Building a Solid Foundation: Market Validation: Conduct thorough

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How to avoid burnout in a remote small team

For many small businesses, 2024 presents the unique challenge of navigating a remote or flexible work environment while fostering a collaborative and resilient team. In this landscape, traditional leadership models need to adapt, embracing agility and empathy to excel. This article explores key strategies for

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HR without the department: managing people in your SME

For many small businesses, the notion of a dedicated HR department is a distant dream. Yet, managing people effectively remains crucial for success. High turnover, low morale, and legal pitfalls can cripple even the most promising startup. So, how can small business owners and managers

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