What should you look for when investing in SMEs?

Amid reports that SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) will receive a further 10% in government funding in 2024, some investors are turning their attention towards the potential of SMES, which have proven to be pivotal in both innovation and growth.1,2 With this in mind, the investment

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What were the most valuable brands globally in 2023?

The team at TradingPedia decided to take a look at the biggest companies in leading markets, including the United States, China, Germany, and the United Kingdom. We identified the largest brands in a total of 45 countries, in terms of value, and created a map visualising the

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Can you name the top 10 celebrity investors?

In the world of fame and fortune, some celebrities go beyond the spotlight, strategically building wealth through diverse investments. On average, celebrities invest $38 million per investment venture and a third have invested over $100 million in a single business investment.1 As we wrap up into the final weeks of 2023, set

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Top AI stocks to watch

NVIDIA is the leading provider of chips that are needed for data centres to run powerful AI and machine-learning applications, and it is the poster child of the AI world after earning a $1 trillion valuation this year. Palantir’s software solutions help government and financial firms better understand data,

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Debt burden: 90% Of BNPL users have other loans too

BNPL is a recent credit solution that has seen increasing popularity in New Zealand. It is attractive to consumers because it allows them to make purchases without needing to pay in full upfront, instead enabling them to spread the cost over a set period of

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Is the U.S. dollar’s ‘power era’ coming to an end?

Investors are now positioning themselves to capitalize on the U.S. dollar’s era of strength coming to an end, says the CEO of one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory, asset management and fintech organisations. The comments from deVere Group’s Nigel Green come despite hawkish

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Who are the top 10 most successful celebrity investors?

Some celebrities buy properties or treat themselves to expensive cars. But some invest. So, who are the most successful celebrity investors? Invezz looked into the most active celebrity investors, what investments they’re making, how much money they’ve raised, and how active their VC firms are

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