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Turning an idea into a successful business

Are you a new business owner or the owner of a successful small or family business looking to scale? SmallBiz Week is coming back to Melbourne May 2023 and this year’s feature event is a one-day conference called the SmallBiz Summit. This year the conference focuses entirely on entrepreneurship and business growth.

The SmallBiz Summit is designed for entrepreneurs and owners of successful businesses looking to create, grow and realise economic value through every stage of the business lifecycle.

The single-day conference is a showcase of Aussie entrepreneurship, innovation and growth tactics. SmallBiz Summit brings together the very best minds in Australian business for in-depth panel discussions and keynotes presented by business leaders of successful businesses, serial entrepreneurs and trailblazing startups.

The goal of the conference is to provide founders, business owners and managers with case studies that focus on creating economic value at every stage of the business lifecycle so they can scale their businesses and create models for sustainable growth.

Learn how to excel through every stage of the business lifecycle

SmallBiz Summit topics include:

Transforming Australia into a startup hub

How can we create a better startup culture in Australia that encourages entrepreneurship and attracts top talent and businesses as a startup destination?

Turning an idea into a successful business


Once you’ve fully fleshed out your business concept – whether it’s a great product idea or niche service meeting a gap in the market- you need to create a business model and strategy to take a great business idea from seed to development to market​.

You’re not alone – outlining the support available to entrepreneurs

Starting a business can be a lonely affair, but it doesn’t need to be. There’s actually a wide range of support available for business owners and businesses in Australia – learn about a range of support across financing, government support, mentoring, investment, mental health and more.

Nailing the pitch

So much of the early stage of your business can rest on nailing your pitch and communicating your product in a way that’s both easy to understand and appealing.

The entrepreneur journey

Learn about what to expect on the entrepreneur journey from common misconceptions to overcoming challenges to bringing your business idea to life – strategies and methods to the madness ​from successful serial business owners themselves.

Building the core team

A product is only as good as its people and that’s even more true in a business’s early stage of development. Learn about why who you pick for your core team is more important than your product​ or marketing.

The leadership journey

Discover why company vision and culture starts at the top. Being the boss isn’t always fun – mental health and stress management skills ​are paramount for success in the short and long term.

Without a business strategy, it’s just an idea

Unlock growth hacks your business needs from advice from serial entrepreneurs covering strategy development and planning, fiscal due diligence and commercialising.

Commercialising your product

Learn how to commercialise your product to best fit your goals and target the right market. Get insider tips on all stages of the commercialisation process, such as production, distribution, marketing, sales and other key aspects to achieving commercial success.

Maintaining market fit

One thing that’s certain in business: the market will change – and you need to know how to adapt quickly to survive. Learn how to know your customer and position for success as well as how to respond to market shifts, disruptions and emerging trends​.

Get ready to scale

Are you ready to grow? A panel of experts will walk you through case studies and tried-and-true strategies to help scale your business​.

Grow your talent

Your team will drive your business – but sometimes it can feel like your up against a wall competing for top talent with large companies. Learn how to source, attract and retain top talent​ for your business.


SmallBiz Summit is a feature event of SmallBiz Week – if you’d like to stay informed when SmallBiz Summit come online, register now for a free ticket to the Small Business Expo – you’ll be the first to know when tickets are released.



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