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Three reasons why your marketing team should be attending exhibitions

With the B2B EXPO 2019 due to be presented on Wednesday 13th & Thursday 14th March at Marvel Stadium Docklands Melbourne, we look at how business exhibitions can be beneficial for your business.

Attending exhibitions should be a vital part of every marketing team’s plan – not only because some are free to attend, but they can also reap high rewards for your team and for morale. After all, a happy team is a productive one. Here are three reasons why your marketing team should be attending exhibitions:

Be inspired

Exhibitions are inspiring places to visit.

From free entry and free seminars to learn something new or to hear from market and industry leaders, to seeing new and exciting products and services that you may not have otherwise heard of, inspiration can be found in every corner. You really can walk away with real useable knowledge to grow and develop your team and your business.


When we spend a lot of time with our head buried deep in whatever task we’re doing, exhibitions are a refreshing break to gain some perspective of that all-important ‘bigger picture’. You can find out what the major players are doing and what’s on the horizon for your industry and growing your business.

Check out the competition

Visiting exhibitions where you know your competitors are exhibiting allows you and your team to scope out the show for your future marketing- exhibiting plan. Although you can find out things like target market and demographics of visitors from most exhibition organisers, you may find it’s best to visit the exhibition yourself – especially if it’s a future investment for your business.

Not only will this give you a good chance to see the types of exhibitors that go to the event, but it will also help you to see your competitors face-to-face. To find out what offers they give while at the exhibition, what displays they’re using and how large their stand is. Make sure that if you exhibit next time, you can compete.

Plan your future Stand

Seeing how other people exhibit and how they use the space available to them can be a great source of inspiration of how you’re going to plan your next stand. There’s nothing better than really seeing how displays are put together and how each item works in unison to create a great display.

Critiquing other people’s displays is a great way of making sure that your business heads in the right direction by aligning best practice – for what attracted you and detracted you as a visitor – against your campaign objectives.

B2B EXPO 2019 now in the fourth year will showcase eighty exhibitors over sixty keynote speakers and host thousands of visitors.

To attend free exhibition and free daily seminars, register now online at www.B2Bexpo.com.au

Author Simon Barnett Director ABF Events.



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