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Security and Data protection solution

In today’s digital age we are connected like never before to information, each other and the world around us, but that connectivity and convenience comes at a significant cost. We are constantly open to online fraud, identity theft, IP theft and ransom. Attacks can come via any digital device, your mobile phone, laptop computer, printer, desk phone, any device connected to your network.

Unfortunately, it is not a question of IF you get breached, but rather WHEN and what protection you have in place to minimise the damage, recover and remediate with the least downtime and minimal cost.

Lake Analytics has a suite of security products which will deliver the following solutions and protection to SMB’s
– A managed Enterprise grade Security platform for real time monitoring and analysis of event data across your

entire network providing early detection of targeted attacks and data breaches. Analytics driven solution which
collects, stores, investigates and reports on log data for security monitoring, incident response, forensics and regulatory compliance.

– Protect your IP from internal and external threats, even delete documents you’ve already shared via email, usb
or file sharing platforms.
– Remediate your computers should you get hacked with ransomware, without paying cyber criminals, and


without needing to re-image (wipe) the device.
– Remotely monitor and manage your end point security (computers, on premise servers and devices) on a daily basis to ensure the most current virus and malware protection is running.
Protect your business by protecting your data an averting a mission critical business failure with a Lake Analytics Security and Data Protection solution.

Globally we generate over 2.5 million terabytes of data each day, almost 1 billion terabytes per annum. How much does your business contribute in a year? How much is valuable? Can you find the relevant content quickly and easily? How can you make sense and sift through the vast amounts of data to find what is required and ensure you and your staff have access to the information needed to best manage and operate your business?

Workplace productivity is impacted greatly by the path taken to share information and collaborate with colleagues.
Intranets can provide a solution for productivity and collaboration, but often are cumbersome and costly to implement and manage and don’t integrate seamlessly to our existing document storage platforms.

Workplace Productivity and Collaboration (WPC) Portal

Lake Analytics can implement an out of the box Enterprise grade, Workplace Productivity and Collaboration (WPC) Portal which leverages the power of Microsoft Office 365, to deliver a portal that enables businesses to amplify important messages, manage key content and facilitate collaboration.

The WPC Portal contains both templated and customisable pages for Customers, Suppliers, Finance, HR, Projects, anything your business needs. Ensuring team members have access to current documentation and management has real time visibility of what teams are working on. Page content is user centric and topic specific; see calendars, daily schedules, recent files, key collaborators, chats, reference documents, workflow templates. Never search for content saved by various team members in different folders ever again. Gain instant visibility to department or project specific documents.

The Workplace Productivity and Collaboration Portal delivers the following operational benefits:

  • Central repository for document access
  • Templates for use by departments and projects to ensure consistency and easy access
  • Structured multi-tiered metadata for comprehensive document and data search capabilities
  • Platform to promote and encourage collaboration Shared access to calendars, including meeting rooms, annual and sick leave attendance, and company events Quick access to company policy and procedures, employee manuals, equipment manuals, etc
  • Increased productivity through simplified access to departmental or project based information and templates Share news and events
  • Prevents the creation of information silos
  • Remove the noise in your business and implement the Workplace Productivity and Collaboration Portal to re-focus and energise your workplace.

Visit our website at: www.lakeanalytics.com.au



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