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7 free tools to analyse and measure your social media marketing.

Over the holiday period social media usage spikes dramatically. Make sure you’re ready to take advantage of this thriving marketplace and use these free social media management tools to work out which of your business’s social activity is on track and where you could change things up a bit.  Here are our top seven picks!

1. Google Analytics.

No list is complete without the behemoth that is Google Analytics. While this tool is used primarily for tracking your web pages, it will also provide statistics on referrals that come from social media channels. This can help you determine the social media channels that are pulling their weight and those that aren’t, which can help you figure out where to do more work, invest, or cut your losses.

2. SumAll.

SumAll is a handy one for the busy business person. This freebie sends a social media report to your inbox every day and every week with key stats about how your channels are faring. It offers basic information such as mentions and reach, and shows you how you’re doing over time.

3. Hootsuite.

Another of the major social media players, Hootsuite is your go-to for covering all the key platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can use it to schedule posts, measure the impact of your campaigns, delegate tasks to your team, and more.

4. TwitterAudit.

One of the biggest issues on Twitter is fake accounts, which can interfere with your follower statistics. TwitterAudit offers one free audit to determine how many (if any) of the handles following your company are fake. The service also offers a paid version that allows unlimited audits and additional features.

5. Facebook Insights.


If you’re managing a Facebook page, you don’t even need a third-party app or site to check in on your reach and statistics. Facebook Insights is built-in for company pages and is a straightforward way to view information about your followers such as geographical location, basic demographics, and more. You’ll also get all the basics such as page likes, post reach, video views, and engagements, which can help you see which of your posts perform the best.

6. Twitter Analytics.

Not to be outdone, Twitter also offers its own social media analytics tool. This shows you your tweet impressions, best-performing tweets, your mentions, how many people are visiting your profile, your top followers, and more.


There are a fair few tools for Facebook and Twitter, but as Instagram continues to grow as a marketing platform, it’s increasingly important to keep an eye on this image-based platform. WEBSTA is all about Insta, measuring your posts, followers, likes, comments, rate of engagement and more.

There’s no doubt that the impact of social media on the world has been phenomenal, but with social media tools, you’ll know exactly how much of that impact is relevant to your business. And if you need a hand creating a social media campaign, Yellow Social Ads can plan, implement and track your campaign for you. Something to consider if you’re keen to tap into a huge market over the Christmas break.

Source: YellowPage



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