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Overcoming the startup odds: 5 tips to beat the 70% failure rate

The startup world is both exhilarating and perilous, with the stark reality that up to 90% of new ventures fail. The journey from conception to success is fraught with challenges, including financial constraints, market misalignment, inadequate research, and more. This harsh landscape demands wisdom and insight that only seasoned leaders can provide.

Statistics paint a daunting picture for anybody thinking of starting their own company. While 10% of startups fail in the first year, a staggering 70% don’t survive past the fifth year. Factors like dwindling funds, misjudged markets, and lackluster partnerships are common pitfalls. However, with the right strategy and knowledge, navigating these hurdles becomes more than possible.

Incubator Expert, Jim Kean, CEO of Molecular You, shares his top 5 lessons learned from leading startups. Mr. Kean is a pioneering senior tech executive with a focus on innovative, consumer-oriented health and wellness digital experiences. He founded WellnessFx and played a significant role in online health communities as President of Sapient Health Network, which later merged with WebMD.

Kean’s top 5 tips for overcoming the startup odds and beating the 70% failure rate:

  1. Understand Market History: Understand how the current system and/or process works.
  2. It’s Technology and Channel: Don’t fall in love with shiny technology alone, make sure there is a companion market for what you have that has a viable revenue model.
  3. The Sale Just Closed – Now Your Work Has Begun
  4. Important Character Traits: Creativity, Courage, and Persistence
  5. New Normal of Scarce Capital: Paying clients, product market fit and keeping a close eye on costs.

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