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One vendor, One solution

How an integrated, end-to-end cloud solution has aided the unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic

COVID-19 has upended how business is conducted, here and all around the globe. While organisations of all sizes have been impacted, small businesses in particular have faced steep challenges as they have struggled to adapt to ongoing stay at home orders. However, businesses that have embraced end-to-end process automation—particularly with cloud solutions—appear to have been better equipped to face the unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic.

Zoho One users, in particular, have gotten a great deal of value out of our comprehensive software suite by trying out new apps without having to increase their software subscriptions. Instead of initiating a complex and time-consuming software evaluation process, they could simply dig deeper into our catalogue of solutions and test out the ones that fit their business needs. In this way, they were able to turn the difficulties of COVID into an opportunity to rethink and refine their business operations.

Why does it make sense to build your business on a well-integrated, all-in-one solution?

The Australian economy is dominated by small to medium businesses and many of these SMB’s start their digitisation journey with a standalone application, such as a business email service or a website builder. However, when they begin to scale their operations, more software comes into the picture, often beginning with CRM for sales, support desk for customer care, and so on. Picking the right set of apps that both work well and work well together is key to improving productivity and company culture.

The more tightly integrated your software is, the easier it will be for your team to see the big picture and take action quickly and decisively. This integrated approach to company data is even more important in a remote work context since you cannot rely on in-person ad hoc meetings to ensure strategic alignment across your team. While many standalone software solutions are integrated with each other, those integrations are generally more superficial than the data sharing that’s possible when everything is built to work together from the start.


To reach that level of tightly integrated software with standalone apps, often requires an expert to manage the backend, what we call the “Software Integration Spaghetti.” Integrating just two apps can be complicated; each app you add to the system after that further compounds that complication. As you scale, the network of interrelated integrations that powers your online tools gets messier and messier, requiring more and more resources to manage and maintain.

One vendor,
One integrated solution

Zoho has led the charge to transform the world of business software with our comprehensive app suite, Zoho One. This collection of over 45 business applications covers almost every aspect of business – including sales, marketing, support, project management, bookkeeping, HR management, and more. It offers a closely-knit platform where key workflows and integrations are enabled easily, right out of the box. Over 20 years in the making, Zoho One is the widest array of business applications anywhere on the cloud, replacing over 400 pieces of standalone software. Priced at AUD $47 per month, per employee, this unbeatable package is here to support small and medium businesses as they grow and adapt to new challenges and market conditions.


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