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Is tech investment the antidote to “quiet quitting”?

Adobe Document Cloud released new research on the evolution of work in the second annual global “Future of Time” study. The study reveals digitisation and Innovative Employee Practices are Key Motivating Factors and an Antidote for “Quiet Quitting”.

Adobe’s study, “The Future of Time: Redefining Productivity During Uncertainty,” surveyed more than 9,700 employees, ENT managers, and SMB leaders across eight global markets including Australia, New Zealand, US, UK, France, Germany, India, and Japan offering a comprehensive look at how uncertainty has impacted the workplace, and how this has impacted workforce motivations and desired trends.

Given constant uncertainty, employees now seek work at companies that prioritise investments in modern technologies and flexible working environments.

Why invest in modern technology?

  • Over 70% of employees, SMB leaders, and enterprise managers in ANZ say that access to modern digital tools and technology is a meaningful way to retain workers.
  • 29% of ANZ SMB leaders want to adopt new technologies and (36%) want to better understand personal working styles.
  • Compared to the past year, SMB leaders (28%) in ANZ have observed an increase in experimentation with new processes, with 25% stating that innovation has become a core business value – compared to US (21%) and UK (20%) counterparts.
  • ANZ employees (29%) have seen an increase in investment towards digital solutions and (18%) new in-house technology. 27% would like to see more investment in digital solutions. However, only 15% of SMB leaders in ANZ have shown extremely high agreement and positive impact around investing in digital tools.
  • Over 80% of SMB leaders in ANZ and ENT managers want to drive business innovation within the next year.

How can new tech in the workplace improve productivity?

  • The vast majority (93%) of ENT managers, SMB leaders (86%), and employees (90%) in ANZ observed the positive impact that investing in digital tools can have on productivity.
  • Investing in digital tools also saw a positive impact on collaboration (93% of SMBs, 87% of ENT managers, 87% of employees) and innovation (85% of SMBs, 91% of ENT managers, 90% of employees) for ANZ businesses.
  • Employees who work for companies that have invested in digital solutions are twice as likely to say they have experienced better work-life balance as a result of innovation
  • Employees are 1.2 times as likely to say they are shaping the work culture of their organization than those at companies that have not invested in digital tools.

“Creating the best processes and using the right technology should all be for the purpose of supporting everyone from scientists to consumers in this new era of hybrid work and life,” said Jai Gulati, Global Head of application services & intelligent automation at Regeneron, a leading biotechnology company that invents, develops, and commercialises life-transforming medicines.


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