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35% of Aussie firms still hiring during the pandemic

A new study by recruitment firm Hays has found that 35 per cent of Aussie firms say they are still hiring during the pandemic, with demand for marketers and online/digital content writers one of the most in-demand roles.

Conducted in June 2020, the survey of over 1,100 employers revealed that only 19 per cent currently have a recruitment freeze in place.

According to the study, these are the most in-demand roles:

  • IT: Infrastructure, software developers and engineers and cloud architects and engineers;
  • Life sciences: Clinical research, sales and project management;
  • Marketing & digital: Online/digital content writers, MarTech and internal and change communications experts;
  • Accountancy & finance: Financial accounting/reporting, budgeting and data analytics;
  • Human resources: Change management, organisational development and employee relations;
  • Banking: Operations, risk analysts and managers and sales.

Hays’s survey results also point to an increased focus on data and digital engagement. Since the coronavirus crisis first began, 49 per cent of employers surveyed said they have increased their adoption of agile working practices, 38 per cent have increased their focus on digital engagement with their customers, 35 per cent have invested in infrastructure or applications to facilitate remote working and 21 per cent have increased their use of data to analyse business performance.

The survey also identified the soft skills employers are prioritising right now when they recruit. Topping the list is communication (45 per cent), followed by adaptability (40 per cent) and team work (39 per cent).


Commenting on the findings, Nick Deligiannis, managing director of Hays in Australia and New Zealand, said: “Many industries remain active and we’re seeing an uptick in hiring in certain areas. The IT, life sciences, marketing, accountancy, HR and banking fields in particular are seeing jobs being added in key areas.

“While the coronavirus changed the job market almost overnight, there is now an increasing number of opportunities available. For those looking for their next opportunity, targeting jobs in these areas is a sensible strategy.

“When applying for these jobs, it’s important to highlight your relevant skills and experience. If you need to, take some time to upskill. There are a number of ways you can upskill that won’t break the bank, such as following industry leaders on social media, attending webinars, listening to relevant online content like TED Talks and podcasts, joining an industry or professional association and asking for stretch opportunities in your current role,” Deligiannis said.


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