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Why freelance talent can help your business grow

Following the challenging economic circumstances of the pandemic – cutting costs has become an imperative for many small business owners. As businesses move to embrace a more efficient and cost-effective way of working they are turning to skilled freelancers to  fill the gaps that drive business success.

In March, the government reported that almost half of employers (49 per cent) are having difficulty recruiting. Further figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics confirm this issue, with 66 per cent of small business saying they are having difficulties finding the right staff to suit their needs. 16 per cent of business owners say they are already considering outsourcing this work to bolster their chances of success. As the skills gap continues to grow, freelancers could be the lifeline your business needs to ensure continued growth.

Three ways freelancers can help your business grow

Freelancers are cost-effective

Hiring a full-time employee can be a considerable burden for a small business owner. There’s not just wages to consider but also the cost of setting up an additional workspace and paying your employee all their entitlements. So, accessing a pool of freelance talent instead can be a cost-effective way to ensure your business has experts at hand for specialised tasks. While a freelancer may come at an increased hourly rate, you only need to employ them for the job at hand. This saves you money on payroll, super and benefits, not to mention ongoing office costs.

Freelancers bring expertise


Freelancers offer a global talent pool

While Australia is suffering from a skills shortage, your business need not face the consequences. Thanks to technology, you are no longer limited to working with local talent. Freelancers can work remotely from anywhere in the world. If you opt to outsource areas of your business to a freelancer, you can access the skills you need from a global talent pool.


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