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Why companies of all sizes are embracing the 9-day fortnight

Grant Thornton has today announced, from 1 March 2023, it is launching a six-month trial of a 9-Day fortnight with no cut to remuneration. All Grant Thornton offices nationally will remain open five days a week to fully service clients during normal business hours.

The trial is in line with Grant Thornton’s purpose and values that supports its people, clients and communities to thrive.

Grant Thornton expects the 9-Day fortnight will refresh their people and improve their wellbeing, while assisting in attracting and retaining the best talent which in turn will improve client experience and boost the quality of work.

Greg Keith, Grant Thornton CEO said: “With so many of the professional services’ workforce reporting increased stress and health issues, we remain convinced the current system is broken. We will be bold in trying something different as we want a better outcome for our people and our clients. We see an irresistible opportunity to improve quality, client service and our people’s wellbeing.”

“Whilst this trial prioritises our clients and their expectations, our people will also benefit from additional time to recharge,” continued Greg Keith.


“We will be closely engaging with clients throughout the trial to ensure the quality we deliver and their experience improves as expected.”

If the trial is successful and their KPIs are met, the firm will then consider either adopting the 9-Day fortnight permanently or could consider trialling a 4-Day week if it is extremely successful.

The move to a 9-Day fortnight is also reflective of Grant Thornton’s progressive family workplace policies. The shift will help close the gap between men and women when it comes to childcare and parenting affording them more flexible work hours and time to invest in their family.



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