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What issues are important to SMEs for the Federal Election?

Businesses will be focusing on labour and skills shortages, jobs, incentives to drive long-term productivity growth and opportunities to diversify through sustainability this Federal Election.

Close to half a million Queensland business owners will go to the polls on May 21 with the rest of the nation with long-term recovery and growth key business drivers at the ballot box.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ) Policy and Advocacy General Manager Amanda Rohan said now was the time for all levels of government to be backing Australian businesses.

“What businesses need now is a commitment to their future operating environment,” Ms Rohan said.

“They want to know now what incentives, support and protections they’ll have to run their business now, next year and even in the next decade.


“We know there are significant day-to-day challenges which come with being a business owner; whether COVID and natural disasters, skills gaps and staffing, disruptions to consumer confidence and government red tape.

“These businesses however are also forward thinking and they want to know how they will be empowered to maximise opportunities for economic diversification in the green economy or be incentivised to invest and drive productivity growth over the long term.

“In Queensland the business sector is not just focused on how they can run day-to-day, but how they can invest in economies and communities long term, and any support available to do that.”

Ms Rohan said the top business priorities this Federal Election were:

  1. Overcoming critical labour and skills shortages
  2. Creating job opportunities
  3. Creating a better environment for small businesses to flourish with less red tape
  4. Incentivise business investment to drive productivity growth over the long term
  5. Maximising sustainability opportunities for economic diversification in the green economy

“CCIQ data shows red tape has consistently been the most significant constraint on businesses’ ability to scale and grow, so we’re expecting any focus on reducing unnecessary constraints on business, and improving the operating environment for small businesses to be productive, will really be at the top of mind this Federal Election,” Ms Rohan said.

“Similarly, businesses have ranked sustainable business practices among their top five priorities and we expect incentives to diversify through sustainability will be hot agenda items.

“Now is the time for governments to be backing Australian businesses to be not only resilient and diversified but competitive now and in the future.

“It’s also the time for the Queensland business community to send a clear message about what they need from the Australian Government to now and in the future.”


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