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Suits out, productivity up? Aussies weigh in on office shorts dress code dilemma

In a recent poll conducted by people2people Recruitment, the age-old debate over whether shorts should be allowed in the workplace has been put to the test. The results are in, and it’s clear that many Australian workers are ready to embrace a more relaxed dress code.

Australians are ditching the stuffy suits and embracing breezy shorts, with a recent survey revealing a nationwide desire for a more relaxed dress code. Over a third believe shorts would boost productivity, while nearly half see no impact on their work ethic. A whopping 40% want shorts anytime, anywhere, and even those with reservations are open to them outside of client meetings. This shift reflects a changing definition of professionalism, where comfort and personal choice are increasingly valued alongside traditional sartorial standards.

Key Poll Findings:

  • Productivity Boost: A significant 35% of respondents believe that wearing shorts in the office would make them more productive. This revelation challenges the traditional belief that formal attire is essential for workplace efficiency.
  • Productivity Neutral: Nearly half of the participants, a solid 46%, stated that wearing shorts at work wouldn’t affect their productivity. This group believes that comfort and productivity can indeed coexist.
  • Anytime Shorts: A significant 40% of those surveyed advocated for wearing shorts in the office at any time. This result demonstrates a growing desire for flexibility and the ability to adapt to changing work environments.
  • Conditional Shorts: A substantial 27.5% of respondents supported the idea of wearing shorts at work but with a condition – no client meetings. This approach acknowledges that attire can vary depending on the nature of the business interactions.
  • Professionalism vs. Comfort: Only 32% of those polled deemed wearing shorts at work as unprofessional. This shift in perspective suggests that the notion of professionalism is evolving, giving more weight to comfort and personal choice.


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