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Small businesses can now claim $2,000 worth of road user tolls

Road user tolls claimable under increased $2000 Government fee rebate; Small businesses will be able to claim road user tolls under an expanded Small Business Fees and Charges Rebate scheme.

The maximum rebate is also being increased from $1500 to $2000.

Eligible small businesses who use vehicles for work can now include tolls in the list of claimable NSW and local government fees and charges.

The Small Business Fees and Charges Rebate is open to small businesses that have a total wages bill below the new 2020-21 $1.2 million payroll tax threshold.

The rebate is available until 30 June 2022, for eligible fees and charges due and paid from 1 March 2021.


Fees and charges that can be claimed back through the scheme include 4 hours of professional mediation with the NSW Small Business Commission, as well as the following:

Local Government

  • Planning, Building & Development fees
  • Conveyancing Certificates
  • Application for Outdoor Dining
  • Waste Services

NSW Environment Protection Authority

  • Dangerous Goods Vehicle licences
  • Environment protection licence fee

NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment

  • Parks Eco Pass Commercial Tour Operator fees
  • Filming and Photography application fees
  • Environmental Management Bond

National Parks and Wildlife Service

  • Third Party Event Fees
  • Fees for Venue Hire and Supervision
  • Bushfire Levy
  • Occupation permit fees

Liquor & Gaming NSW

  • Issue or replacement of a NSW competency card
  • Application for a new licence

Transport for NSW

  • Vehicle Registration Fees
  • Vehicle road tolls
  • Issue or renewal of a driver licence
  • Driving test or riding test
  • Handbooks
  • Issue or renewal of registration of a motor vehicle or trailer
  • Authorised Vehicle Inspection Stations
  • Heavy Vehicle Registration charges
  • Vessel Registration
  • Boat driving licence
  • Commuter wharf permit fees
  • Charter wharf booking system fees

Point to Point Transport Commission

  • Taxi licence fee

NSW Fair Trading

  • Gas & Electricity: Inspection of an electrical installation of an electricity meter
  • Strata Schemes Management Regulation: Lodgement of building bond
  • Tow Truck Industry Regulation: New certificate or restoration of certificate; Operator licence
  • Home Building Regulation: Contractor Licence / Building Contractor licences; Trade or specialist contractor licence; Supervisor Certificate; Tradesperson certificate
  • Conveyancers Licensing Regulation: License fees
  • Motor Dealers & Repairers Regulation: License application fees; Tradesperson’s certificate fees

NSW Department of Education

  • Provider and Service Approval
  • Service Annual Fee
  • Review by Rating

New South Wales Police Force

  • Application for security licence

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