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Reduced liquor licence fees for small businesses

The Andrews Labor Government has introduced a new liquor licence fee structure, bringing down costs for small businesses and reducing the risk of alcohol-related harm on the community.

Minister for Casino, Gaming and Liquor Regulation Melissa Horne says “we’re making the fee structure fairer and ensuring small businesses who present little risk to the community have lower application fees.”

“The new fee model aims to reduce the risk of alcohol-related harm by encouraging a vibrant industry with safer businesses.”

Minister for Casino, Gaming and Liquor Regulation Melissa Horne announced the new regulations starting from 29 July 2023, making it fairer for small businesses, reducing administrative costs and encouraging a safer hospitality sector.

The new fee model will benefit smaller, lower-risk licensees that will see a decrease to their application fees, while fees for larger higher-risk businesses will increase to better reflect the harms associated with larger venues and those that operate later at night.


Under changes to the Liquor Control Reform Regulations 2023, application fees for new licences will be based on the licence type and venue size – removing the current flat-fee structure where a small bar pays the same fee as a large nightclub.

Temporary liquor licences will be free for charitable organisations and operators in rural areas will also see a 50 per cent reduction to their base fees, recognising the different roles that small town hotels play in their local communities and the lower harm profiles.

The Government will also enhance security camera requirements, helping to deter crimes, assist investigations and promote patron confidence and overall feelings of safety.

Before granting new applications or renewals, the Victorian Liquor Commission will consider the licence type, size of the venue or store, hours of operation and whether the licence will be temporary or permanent.


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