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Journey of Discovery – Innovation driven by deeper emotional insights WINS!

You CAN take control of your future, with innovation.

The 2020 business environment is full of uncertainty, with both local and international events creating extraordinary pressures on society and the economy.
As both individuals and our businesses, it’s only human to feel isolated and powerless, all out of our hands. But it’s also an opportunity to renew, rebuild, and reinvent.

Think about how you respond with family and friends

When there are challenges to overcome, you come together and work out a solution. Tapping the collective power of different viewpoints, experiences, strengths and skills. Both when discussing and pulling apart the problem, and when it comes to making the solution happen.

Chances are it won’t be a return to the way things were before. The roots of the issue maybe too deeply buried in history, and the only way forward is making a break with the past and setting a new direction. Especially if the bigger picture of circumstances in the outside world have changed.


At the same time, the process of collaborating on solving the problem, brings people together, and strengthens relationships.

This does of course, also apply to communities, as we’re seeing with bushfires, floods, droughts, you name it, that are being thrown at us. Most human nature responds positively as a group to look after each other, learn, and constructively create a better way

It’s no different in business
Why the status quo is not an option

It’s very tempting under pressure with barbarians at the gate, to raise the drawbridge, hide behind the walls, avoid taking risks, and keep going as usual.

But a culture of “we’ve always done it this way” is vulnerable when your customers’ lives and rising expectations inevitably move on.

The change conundrum

We’re told that “people don’t like change”, quoting infamous case studies like New Coke. Which is a valid viewpoint as we know the brain is lazy – it conserves energy through habitual recognition of familiar elements of our daily environment, and the actions we take as a result.
It’s why big companies invest heavily in R&D of brand packing, logos, colours, etc down to forensic detail. So they can cut through and maintain a position in people’s minds – on the crowded supermarket shelf or online store.

But at the same time your customers’ world is rapidly changing regardless. Day-to-day it may not seem much, but over a longer period, we are doing things differently, even compared to even six months ago.

Technology is a great example of course, and not just with younger generations. How often when needing to message or chat to people of all ages do you need to keep up with, and negotiate all the options beyond just texts or a phone call, but Messenger, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Skype, Zoom etc?

The logistical planning can take longer than the actual communication, especially if you have to download or sign-up something new!

People’s lives change

Often quickly and dramatically. Life events both positive and negative profoundly affect their interactions with, and choices of products and services. No matter what’s impacting your target market, from first jobs, to new families, through to aging parent care, and life in retirement, their life-context change is your opportunity for innovation.

With a developed EQ and a clear plan, you and your team can gain a better understanding of people’s needs, especially those that are unmet, and create new ways to make their life better.

How to take control of change

Our Innovate To Win path, draws on decades of learnings from intensively competitive, 24/7 media brands with fickle consumers. And applying them to general business, as a focussed method of managing change in a volatile market.

We guide you on how to engage your team and customer family in creating their future, on a Journey of Discovery. The simple steps through essential stages of Exploration, Ideation, and Validation, to generate innovation that’s grounded in people’s ever-evolving needs.

This is not about wasting time and wages throwing irrelevant ideas at the wall, hoping something sticks. Or endless workshops that drag everyone out of production for days, going round in jargon circles, and still nothing’s different.

Innovate To Win at your own pace, to suit your situation, and integrate the process with your team and customer relationships. It’s designed to be thought-provoking, stimulating, and enjoyable, with fun and productive tools along the way.

One of the big wins is a much stronger buy-in from all, because they’ve been involved at every step, and “own” the change to future-proof your business.

If you’d like to know more, you can get in touch 
via email judy@engage4insights.com, 
check out our website or 
listen to our podcast Engage2Innovate - 
available wherever you get your podcasts.

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