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Is more money worth the stress? 81% of workers say no

HP Australia today unveiled groundbreaking findings from its first HP Work Relationship Index, a comprehensive study that explores employees’ relationships with work around the world. The study, which surveyed more than 15,600 respondents across various industries in 12 countries, reveals that the world’s relationship with work is at a breaking point – and its effects are pervasive.

“There is a huge opportunity to strengthen the world’s relationship with work in ways that are both good for people and good for business,” said Bradley Pulford, Managing Director of HP Australia. “As leaders, we must always reject the false choice between productivity and happiness. The most successful companies are built on cultures that enable employees to excel in their careers while thriving outside of work.”

A few key findings about Australian workers include:  

  • Only 22% of knowledge workers in Australia have a healthy relationship with work.
  • 81% of people are willing to earn less if it means loving work more. This is significantly higher for Gen Z (92%), followed by millennials (85%).  
  • 81% of knowledge workers experience negative impacts on aspects of their lives when their relationship with work isn’t how they want it to be. 
  • 64% of business leaders say retaining top talent has become more difficult. And 71% say attracting top talent has become more difficult. 
  • 55% of knowledge workers say their expectations of their relationship with work has increased over the past 2-3 years. 

The HP Work Relationship Index provides a valuable benchmark for understanding the world’s relationship with work and the key drivers of a healthy relationship. HP encourages businesses and leaders to use these findings to create more positive and productive work environments for their employees.

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