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How new laws could cost casual workers 20% of their pay

Australia’s peak industry body for recruitment, staffing and labour hire says the Albanese Government’s new Workplace Relation Laws disrespect the way Australians choose to work and will result in the removal of casual loadings for hundreds of thousands of workers.

“The Albanese Government’s new Workplace Relation Laws will make it a legal offence for an Australian worker to enjoy both a 25% casual pay loading and predictable hours of work, says RCSA CEO, Charles Cameron.

“Given the Albanese Government want to increase security of employment and deliver higher rates of pay, why in the world would they propose law that would prohibit the combination of higher pay and predictable work, asks Mr. Cameron

“How can a government be so blind to how people want to work in 2023? These new laws are out of touch, they trade off the preferences of Australians in favour of returning favours to the unions, Mr Cameron went on to say.

“The existing laws work. Why are we changing them at the expense of Australians and robbing people of the freedom to work the way THEY want to work.”


Only around 4% of Australians, employed as casuals, have chosen to convert to permanent work when given the opportunity. Almost everyone chooses to stay casual in favour of greater flexibility, the higher rate of pay and not having to take work home with them.

“Employers will need to direct employees to choose permanent employment in lieu of casual employment, regardless of what the worker wants, and what suits them and their families. This will result in a 20% reduction in the rate of pay for thousands. The other option is to kill the job off entirely.

“If an employer agrees to a request for casual work with predicable hours of work, they risk fines and prosecution.”

Casual workers and employers of casuals are happy with the way the law works now.  Casual workers have flexibility but also have a clear pathway into permanent work if they wish.

“The Government need to put regular Australians ahead of union mates, Mr Cameron said.

“This Bill will create a huge new problem for casual workers. It will either strip them of pay, or strip them of stability, which is a bad outcome for people who prefer higher-paid casual work.

“Australian workers did not ask the Albanese Government to insert itself into personal decisions around how they choose to live and work.  This is so disrespectful.

“Removing the option to work casually and docking your pay by 20% for the privilege is gross overreach by the Albanese government.

“We are living in tough times where every dollar counts. The cost of living is high, interest rates are soaring, and people are struggling to make ends meet.

“This Bill is about delivering on promises to unions. Australian workers and businesses are merely collateral damage in the process.”

Source: RCSA


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