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Discover financial technology solutions for business growth at FINTECH21 Showcase

Want to reduce your business’s transaction fees and receive payments quicker? Financial technology solutions for business are at the core of the emerging and exciting fintech industry. This sector and its many uses to the business community will be on display at the FINTECH21 Showcase hosted at the Medallion Club, Marvel Stadium in Melbourne on November 4th and 5th from 10 AM to 4 PM.

The boutique showcase of over fifty of Australia’s leading fintech (financial technology) companies and startups will be a live event welcoming thousands of fintech enthusiasts. Visitors are invited to engage with innovative and cutting-edge fintech products and services to elevate and scale their business, network and reach new markets. 

Visitors can register online for free tickets for the FINTECH21 Showcase, however, space is limited so booking in advance is encouraged.

Fintech is a future-thinking industry and its products and services can improve business operations across a range of activities, including import and export, e-commerce, digital currency, cybersecurity and data protection, payments, neo-bank loans, securing capital, reaching new markets, reducing transaction fees and automating accounting, HR and other services. 


Over thirty fintech business leaders and industry influencers will also be leading workshops, seminars and panel discussions during the event. These events and networking functions are separate from the FINTECH21 Showcase can be attended by purchasing a delegate ticket.

FINTECH21 Showcase and Seminar Sessions include:

  • A free to attend expo with over forty fintech exhibitors 
  • Workshops with industry experts
  • Daily, informative seminars with fintech business leaders
  • Panel Discussions with fintech companies, banks and startups 
  • Networking Functions to forge meaningful relationships within the fintech community 

FINTECH21 will attract business owners, stakeholders, entrepreneurs, startups, government officials and C-level executives from across the country. 

FINTECH21 Showcase is a featured event of SmallBiz-Week. Learn more about Australia’s largest celebration of small business: SmallBiz-Week, and choose from ten events and functions that best suit each business’s unique needs. 

SmallBiz-Week’s ten events will take place simultaneously at Marvel Stadium, Docklands, Melbourne in both the Victory Room (ground floor) and the Medallion Club (first floor) from November 3rd to 5th, 2021.



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