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Bigger pay slips for nearly half a million Australian workers

More than 400,000 low‑paid workers in key industries will take home a bigger pay slip, thanks to a 4.6 per cent increase to minimum wages under their awards.

Industries in which workers are set to benefit include hospitality, tourism and aviation, with full‑time workers seeing a minimum $40 extra per week.

It will be the first pay cycle for many workers set to get a bump in pay after the change came into effect on 1 October.

Workers under 111 other awards received their pay rise in July.

Supporting a minimum wage increase was a promise the Albanese Government took to the election, and one of its key priorities on taking office.


Boosting workers’ pay is a critical step to tackling cost of living pressures, alongside cheaper child care and medicines.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese says “we must get wages rising again and make health care, child care and housing more affordable, while we work to grow the economy.”

Treasurer Jim Chalmers says “we are working around the clock to get wages moving again.

“Wage suppression was a deliberate design feature of the former Government’s economic policy – that era is well and truly over.”

Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, Tony Burke says “this pay rise is higher than it otherwise would have been because ‑ for the first time in nearly a decade – the Federal Government actually argued in favour of a pay rise.

“Many low‑paid workers are young, female, in casual employment, and are far more likely to find themselves experiencing financial hardship.

“Many of these same workers were at the frontline of our pandemic response, keeping our supply chains moving and delivering essential services during the pandemic.

“Workers like these deserved this pay rise. And we’re going to keep fighting for them.”

Which workers will benefit?

More than 2.7 million workers, covered by the combined July and October award increases, will receive a pay bump due to the Fair Work Commission decision.

Pay rise broken-down by States/Territory:

New South Wales 1,048,000
Victoria 546,100
Queensland 466,900
South Australia 227,200
Western Australia 234,200
Tasmania 75,900
Northern Territory 22,000
Australian Capital Territory 39,400

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