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Heavy growth projected in Australia’s high-tech sector

The 2021 Census showed a rise in work and study in emerging fields of science and technology, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) said today.

The number of people with an Information Technology qualification is now almost half a million (470,318), increasing by 36 per cent since 2016.

The fastest growing qualification in Australia was Security Science, at 5,805 people qualified (up 460 per cent since 2016). Qualifications in Artificial Intelligence also increased, at 630 people (up 200 per cent since 2016).

Dr David Gruen AO, Australian Statistician said, “The 2021 Census data released today about qualifications and occupations reflects the rising prominence of the digital economy in Australia.

“There are over 260,000 ICT Professionals and 74,000 ICT Managers in the workforce, an additional 86,000 since the last Census”.


Information Communication Technology occupations with the highest growth since 2016 include ICT Support and Test Engineers (15,635 people, up 54 per cent), Software and Applications Programmers (116,927 people, up 47 per cent) and ICT Business and Systems Analysts (34,793, up 47 per cent).

One in five ICT Professionals and ICT Managers are female. But for workers under 30 years of age, female representation is higher, accounting for one in three ICT Managers and ICT Business and Systems Analysts.

Migration is also a major contributor to the tech workforce. Two thirds of Software and Applications Programmers were born overseas, with India representing the largest cohort. Software and Applications Programmers is the third most common occupation for recent overseas arrivals, with 24,000 arriving since 2016.


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