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A how-to guide for SMEs to fully embrace hybrid work

With only 9% of the global workforce expecting to return to the office full-time, it’s time to make sure you’re set up to thrive in a hybrid world.

The shift to a hybrid model is an exciting opportunity for businesses to boost inclusivity, collaboration, productivity and profitability.

Chances are you’ve already been experimenting with hybrid work these past two years, which gives you a great body-of-knowledge to operate from. However, getting more proactive, and less reactive, means going back to basics and re-evaluating your foundations.


Talk to your employees to get a sense of their work style and how it matches your business visions. Make sure all workers are aligned with your hybrid working plan, and that they understand what’s expected of them.


Make sure you have plans in place for each of these three foundational areas: people and culture; process and communication; and tools and tech. Also, don’t just plan for today, plan for the future as well.



Secure your employees, your customers, and your data. Unfortunately, cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated and persistent, and 60% of SMEs that suffer a data breach go out of business within six months. It’s vital that a reliable security solution is protecting your sensitive data – and covering your remote workers and their devices, too.

Consciously creating the environment for your hybrid workforce to succeed means revisiting the foundations yours in built on. It means culture change, more planning, and better tools. Above all, it means giving every team member equal opportunity for secure and uninterrupted productivity, connection and collaboration, wherever and however they work best.

By Lucy Ng, SBC Writer


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