A chat with matt paine, key account director

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I recently sat down with Matt Paine, News Xtend’s Key Account Director, to find out what he loves about Digital Marketing, why he’s passionate about helping businesses succeed, and what he does when he’s not in the office. Ready to meet him too?

Let me introduce you!

You should first know that Matt is passionate about helping businesses grow using digital marketing. He explains, “I like that it’s accountable and numbers lead…It’s pretty fast-paced and it’s all-new. A lot of the things we’re doing weren’t around a couple of years ago, so I do like that constant change, it keeps you on your toes.”

Prior to starting at News Xtend (a year ago this week, incidentally), Matt worked with large and small businesses to help them reach their goals. He has vast experience over the last fifteen years working in different roles at agencies, in consulting, and at media giants like Nine and Snapchat.

Business is in Matt’s blood. He studied it at university, but even before that, he had strong ties to the world of SMBs. His Dad owned a Melbourne-based chain of hardware stores, where Matt got his first taste for business.

“Growing up, through high school, I’d go in and work on Friday nights and Saturdays. That was a good experience to get that customer service mindset from pretty early on… That was a third-generation business that my great grandfather started in the early 1900s and it was great to be able to work there while going to school and uni.”

Matt counts his hardworking Dad as his first inspiration.

“He worked 6 days a week through his whole career to put us through school. So that was good, to look up to him as I was growing up.”

Now Matt also takes inspiration from a famous technology leader (with a minor caveat) “He’s kind of lost his marbles recently, but I do take inspiration from Elon Musk. He wants to move towards a green future through technology, which is inspiring. So I’ve kind of got a bit of a man-crush on him,” laughs Matt.

What’s it like to lead the Key Accounts Team, I ask? Does Matt have a particular style of leadership?

“The team is great, they’re all committed to learning and challenging themselves,” says Matt, “We’ve got some big customers to hold us accountable in helping them grow their business…and no two days are the same.”

“I try and follow a democratic leadership style where we’re all in it together. Everyone’s opinion is really valid. I want to get feedback from the team and get their buy-in and get their understanding in any big decisions that we’re making, it’s pretty important that we’re all aligned.”

For SMBs just beginning their journey with Digital Marketing, Matt has some simple advice.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

Matt recommends asking plenty of questions and doing some research to get a baseline understanding. “Particularly if you’re working with News Xtend there’s always someone here with answers for you. Even our blog is a great starting point with some interesting content that’s really useful.”

Even in Matt’s personal life, he still retains an interest in marketing and media. When I ask what he’s watching at the moment he tells me “Mad Men, for the second time. My wife hasn’t watched it before so I’ve committed to watching the full seven series again… It’s a great show and loosely relates to what we do here.”

In a very on-brand choice, Matt’s current read is The Murdoch Method, about our very own Rupert Murdoch. “It’s about how Rupert has run the business over the last fifty or sixty years. It’s an interesting read for an inside take on the business.”

And where would we find Matt on the weekend?

“I enjoy taking my dog for a walk down at Rushcutter’s Bay on Saturday mornings. I’ve got a little sausage dog called Floyd. I love that little guy.”

In related news, Floyd has his own Instagram! You can follow him @FloyddoesBondi for a dose of cuteness.

And last but not least, what is Matt’s coffee order?

“An espresso.”

Perhaps I owe him one for taking time out of his day for this interview? In any case, thank you, Matt!

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