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7 Online businesses set to thrive in 2021-2022

Over the course of events that unfolded in the previous year, 2021 is expected to see massive growth in businesses, specifically online businesses, with more individuals showing a preference for online shopping and learning over more traditional methods that previously dominated the business circle.

1. Online Shopping

Whether you own small handmade jewelry business at home or simply love selling cupcakes as a hobby, buying online is set to become a primary mode of shopping given the current scenario the world is facing.

Thus, starting an online business or converting a traditional business into an online business is something you’d want to consider doing this year.

Additionally, there has been a drastic increase in the number of traditional businesses that have of late shifted online.

For example, florists such as The Bouqs have become popular due to their ease of use and their ability to allow people to order and gift flowers online without having to go in search of a local florist.

2. Online Coaching Classes


With most people opting to work and study from home this year, it isn’t surprising that online coaching has picked up over the past few months.

People are looking for opportunities to achieve as much as they can from the comfort of their homes, so it makes sense that starting an online business that coaches people in fields that are in demand is a good option at the moment.

Additionally, educational and fitness coaching courses online has seen a sudden hike in the last few months and is actively increasing in number every day, so if your coaching business deals with education or fitness, you can practically jump right into the online field with your eyes closed!

3. Blogging

With new sites popping up every single day in literally all the niches you can possibly imagine, it makes sense that bloggers are in demand at the moment.

Many sites that exclusively hire professional bloggers have been created in recent times, so if you’ve got any experience writing or blogging, you may want to consider starting your own blogging business online.

Additionally, instead of working as a blogger online, you may consider starting your blog if you have enough experience with marketing and SEO strategies. This way, you’ll be able to generate a direct income with little investment through advertising and affiliate marketing.

4. Online Freelancing

With the pandemic that took the world by storm in 2020 and is still ongoing in the present year, freelancers of various kinds have found the best time to grow their online business.

People are on the lookout for freelancers online who can help them with their own businesses, so this may be a great time to establish yourself as a freelancer or start a professional freelancing business online.

Whether you’re a freelance writer, social media manager, or virtual assistant, you’ll be able to run a successful freelancing business this year with the demand for virtual freelancers on the rise.

5. SEO Business

This is one area where you can really thrive if you’re great at what you do. Even though paid ads are being used by a number of businesses to further their growth, Search Engine Optimization is still vital in promoting a business to generate relevancy on sites like google by being pulled up organically in the search results.

With the internet growing and expanding every day, SEO is a competitive market where you can find several clients who are willing to partner with you for the success of their own sites and businesses.

The only thing you’d need to do is to constantly update yourself on the various search engine optimization methods that will allow you to capitalize in this industry.

6. Online Startup Advisor

The reason why there’s a lot of scope for this business in 2021 is due to the rise in entrepreneurs who are finally taking that leap of faith and starting their own business.

If you’ve run a business before or simply know how to run one successfully, you may consider becoming a startup advisor to help those who need advice and help in getting started.

7. App Developer 

As an app developer, you’ll be able to create apps (if you have a great idea) which is definitely something people are ready to pay good money for at the moment if it promises to make life easier.

If not, you’d still be able to create apps for other businesses that need specific apps. Based on your interests and preference, you’ll be able to create a lucrative business out of app development in a matter of a few months.


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