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5 Keys to creating a productive team of freelancers

With research showing that over 4 million Australians are currently performing freelance jobs, obviously these days, not everyone needs to physically commute to work. However, even if you feel that freelance workers would benefit your business, you may be unsure how to find or work with them. Check out the five things you should know to navigate the world of freelancing, courtesy of Small Business Connections.

1. Types of Work Suited to Freelancing

Many jobs are now well-suited to freelance positions, including writing, accounting, marketing, graphic design and data entry. Companies with a need for these types of work on a part-time or as-needed basis should consider seeking freelancers. Hiring independent contractors rather than traditional employees saves companies money on benefits and allows them to pay only for the services rendered.

2. Ways To Find Freelancers

Online job boards can be useful for companies pursuing on-demand workers. One major benefit of remote workers is the flexibility it allows businesses. You are no longer constrained by physical location; if the most qualified candidate resides in another state or country, you can hire that person. To find as-needed freelancers from overseas, such as in India, you can try a job board like Guru.

3. Tasks To Tackle Before Hiring Freelancers

Before bringing freelancers on board, ensure you have your administrative ducks in a row. Check tax regulations for on-demand workers. Additionally, inform the independent contractors you hire that they will be responsible for paying income tax on their own if they live and work in the United States, as they are considered self-employed.

To protect your personal interests and assets, consider forming a business entity. One option is a limited liability company, which limits the business owner’s liability, requires less paperwork and provides increased flexibility and tax advantages. Each state has its own rules for forming LLCs, so ensure you understand the relevant regulations before creating one. For assistance with the process and cheaper fees than those charged by attorneys, consider using a formation service.

4. Means of Communicating With Freelancers


You may be unsure how to relay information to an on-demand workforce, but there are several ways to make communication flow efficiently. Setting up expectations from the start helps avoid misunderstandings and missed deadlines. Speaking of deadlines, be sure to set clear times and dates for work submission and plainly communicate goals when you assign a task. Let your workforce know when you expect email updates, how you will track progress and when you will hold update meetings.

Also, if you’re going to be holding meetings online, you’ll need a home office. Make it as comfortable but distraction-free as possible. If that requires some renovating – like finishing a garage or basement, or adding windows to allow more natural light – you’re in luck! These types of renovations also increase your home’s appraisal value, which will put a smile on your face if and when it comes time to sell.

For efficient email traffic when sending images to web designers, graphic designers or marketing professionals, you may need to compress JPG files. However, this can degrade the quality of the image. To avoid this, consider using a JPG to PDF converter to maintain high quality. You can even consolidate multiple JPG files into one PDF file to avoid sending numerous images via email.

5. Methods of Paying Freelancers

Paying a freelance workforce may be a concern for you, especially when dealing with people from other countries, like India. Some payment platforms and international wire transfers can be cost-prohibitive for small businesses. Save your cash by using a reliable, low-fee money transfer service.

Venturing outside your comfort zone is never easy, but in the business world, it just might be worth it to hire skilled professionals without breaking the bank.


Contributing writer: Cameron Ward, Founder of Biz Wealth Builder


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