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4 Tips on entering the National Retail Awards

Winning a retail award is an invitation for people to connect with you and will create new opportunities for you and your business – however, the entry process might feel daunting at first. To help out, we have put together our tips for entry when entering the National Retail Awards!


Start now, edit later

We understand retailers are very busy, so we have made sure you have plenty of time and assistance! Each award is only 4 or 5 questions, however, they do require supporting evidence and key examples. Our online platform is designed for you to save each step and you can return to edit your application any time before the deadline, so you can start today and edit later! We also encourage you to involve your staff in the process – work as a team to deliver the best pitch you’ve ever made!


Ensure the answer is easy to follow

Make sure you have a thorough understanding of what the question is asking for. The best answers are succinct and easy to follow, in a way that clearly explains to the judges how you ended up with this award-winning outcome.



Show, don’t tell

Focus on your successes by using facts and examples. Use testimonials from customers, staff or other peers, or mention previous awards and achievements. You might also like to demonstrate sales growth. However, it doesn’t have to be all about the money – you may prefer to detail an increase in customers, increase in loyalty, or employee satisfaction.


Use images and graphs

This is where you can really ‘show, don’t tell’. Entrants have the opportunity to attach a PDF with images and graphs demonstrating what you’ve spoken about in your entry – think of it like an appendix. This is a great way to showcase your business success in clear, well-used images or diagrams. You could even include your testimonials, press coverage or other evidence here.

Source: NRA


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