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4 Lead generation strategies that are ‘crazy’ but pure genius

The traditional marketing model isn’t doing enough to attract potential customers for most businesses. So, how about something a little unorthodox—crazy even? From bold public stunts to quirky social media campaigns, let’s delve into some unusual lead-generation tactics.

1. Publicity Stunts

Nothing captures public attention like a spectacular publicity stunt. While it might seem extreme, staging a memorable event can generate a host of publicity and lead to an influx of potential customers. A compelling example of such a method is Felix Baumgartner’s Leap from the Edge of Space, sponsored by Red Bull.

According to Marta Olszewska, Senior Content Strategist at Content With Marta“Publicity stunts make a strong impression, driving people to explore the brand, products or services involved. They don’t just generate leads; they can also help create a lasting brand image.”

2. Retargeting Ads

Another counter-intuitive approach is serving ads to people who left your website without making a purchase.

Retargeting ads are a special type of online ad that shows up for people who have already been to your website or are on your contact list, like someone who’s shown interest in what you offer or a current customer. Instead of the usual ads that anyone can see, these ads specifically target folks who already know about you, aiming to remind them about your products or services and encourage them to return.


It might feel like a desperate move, but studies have found that people who see ads for something they’ve already looked at online are 70% more likely to buy it than those who don’t see those ads again.

“Retargeting is essential in reminding consumers of their initial interest and nudging them towards conversion,” says Olszewska. “After all, these are individuals who’ve already shown a level of interest in your product or service.”

3. Influencer Collaborations

Over half of marketers now team up with at least ten influencers for every marketing campaign because people tend to trust recommendations from influencers—real individuals they follow and admire—more than traditional ads from companies. Influencers have a powerful influence on their audience, making them more likely to turn followers into dedicated customers. This trust is a key reason influencer marketing has become popular among brands in various sectors.

In a unique collaboration, the Van Gogh Museum partnered with Pokémon to create a special collection featuring Pokémon in Van Gogh’s famous post-impressionist art style. This partnership became a huge hit, especially for the merchandise, which was so sought after that it crashed the museum’s website. The items were so popular that they’re now being resold for as much as $700. This blend of classic art and modern pop culture created an unexpected buzz, something Van Gogh could never have imagined.

Olszewska refers to this as “relatability marketing.” She says, “Collaborations with influencers can inject authenticity into your brand story. Their followers often trust their judgment and will be inclined to check out your product if recommended.”

4. Outrageous Giveaways

Imagine giving away a valuable product or service for free to attract potential customers. While such a move seems outlandish, the word ‘free’ has a powerful psychological effect in marketing.

MrBeast, a famous YouTube personality, made waves on social media with an Instagram $100,000 giveaway campaign. This campaign significantly boosted his followers and generated a lot of excitement. His strategy, focusing on fair chances for all his subscribers to win big, is not new but always garners massive attention.

This approach not only skyrockets his popularity but also offers insights into how giveaways can be a powerful tool for growth and engagement in the digital world, especially for entrepreneurs looking to make an impact online.

“Nothing leaves a greater impression than a generous gift,” suggests Olszewska. “The initial cost might be substantial, but the leads obtained and the potential return on investment make it a worthwhile tactic in many instances.”

While traditional marketing will always have its place, adopting unconventional tactics for multiple getaway ideas can be surprisingly effective. The innovative nature of these strategies could make for a refreshing change that helps you stand out, elevating you above the competition.

Can You Bet on These?

Look at these tactics not as a leap into the unknown but as an exciting way of doing things differently. Sometimes, it’s the ideas that seem a little wild at first that end up making a significant difference. Who knows? They just might work! You can’t know for sure without trying, can you? So, will you dare to be radical in your marketing approach?

Marta Olszewska says, “The world of marketing and lead generation is constantly evolving. Staying stagnant is never an option. Sometimes crazy is just what you need to shake things up!”

So prepare to leave your comfort zone and embrace the madness – of fresh and innovative lead-generation tactics.


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