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2024’s Top 10 most and least in-demand jobs

The Australian labour market in 2024 presents a mixed picture, balancing cautious optimism with potential shifts in employment dynamics. While a “soft landing” is forecast, strategic career planning and a focus on key in-demand skills are crucial for success. This report provides an overview of current trends, identifies high-growth industries and under-performing sectors, and highlights the top 10 most and least in-demand jobs to guide job seekers and employers alike.

Economic and Employment Outlook:

Despite concerns of an economic slowdown, Australia is expected to experience a “soft landing” in 2024. While unemployment may rise slightly, it is likely to remain manageable. This suggests opportunities will still exist, albeit with a greater emphasis on specific skillsets and industry alignment.

High-Growth Industries:

Certain sectors offer significant potential for career growth in 2024:

  1. Technology: Software development, cyber security, and data analytics continue their reign as highly sought-after roles.
  2. Healthcare: Nurses, allied health professionals, and mental health specialists face a constant demand due to an aging population and growing awareness of mental health issues.
  3. Green Economy: The transition to renewable energy and a focus on sustainability opens doors in areas like solar and wind power, energy efficiency, and environmental science.
  4. Education: Educators and education technology specialists are needed to address evolving educational needs and a growing student population.
  5. Professional Services: Accountants, lawyers, and management consultants remain in demand across various industries.

Top 10 Most In-Demand Jobs:

  1. Software Engineer
  2. Registered Nurse
  3. Cyber Security Specialist
  4. Data Analyst
  5. Registered Midwife
  6. General Practitioner
  7. Mental Health Social Worker
  8. IT Project Manager
  9. Electrician
  10. Construction Manager

Under-Performing Sectors:

Traditional industries face headwinds from automation and changing consumer habits:

  1. Retail: Automation and online shopping threaten certain segments, requiring workers to upskill or reskill.
  2. Hospitality: Automation and changing travel patterns may necessitate career shifts for certain roles.
  3. Mining: While some demand remains, fluctuations in global commodity prices impact employment opportunities.

Top 10 Least In-Demand Jobs:

  1. Administrative Assistant
  2. Telemarketer
  3. Data Entry Clerk
  4. Factory Worker
  5. Retail Cashier
  6. Security Guard
  7. Receptionist
  8. Warehouse Worker
  9. Taxi Driver
  10. Customer Service Representative

Recruiting Trends and Key Skills:

Recruiters and companies are seeking:

  • Tech-Savvy Talent: Digital literacy and adaptability to new technologies are paramount.
  • Data-Driven Decision Makers: The ability to analyze data and extract insights is increasingly valuable.
  • Soft Skills Specialists: Effective communication, collaboration, and teamwork are crucial in evolving work models.
  • Lifelong Learners: Continuous learning and upskilling demonstrate readiness for career adaptability.

Job Hunting Strategies:

  • Targeted Resumes and Applications: Focus on tailoring resumes and cover letters to specific roles and highlighting relevant skills and experience.
  • Networking and Industry Events: Building connections and attending industry events can open doors to hidden opportunities.
  • Leveraging Job Hunting Resources: Utilize online platforms, career development services, and government initiatives to optimize your job search.


The Australian labour market in 2024 offers both uncertainties and exciting possibilities. By understanding key trends, focusing on in-demand skills, and proactively navigating the evolving landscape, job seekers can capitalize on emerging opportunities and achieve career success. Employers, by recognizing changing talent needs and fostering a culture of adaptability and upskilling, can attract and retain top talent in this dynamic environment.


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