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Why do so many startups fail?

Whenever a business fails, there is rarely just one issue causing the downfall. Generally the founders would blame anything from cost issues to product mistimed. However, some problems are emphasized more often than others.

Watch out for these sources to business failure.

Business does not solve a problem

When identifying and solving customers’ problem should be at the heart of every business, failing to untangle the right issue could result in a business failure. This means that your business could be solving an issue that no one is facing. As a result, you are simply not offering what people are willing to pay for.

Make sure to ask yourself and your peers to see if the problem you are solving or looking to solve is pressing and essential.

Lack of innovation

Sometimes businesses rely too much on their familiar methods and forget to adapt. Lacking of the drive to change can be detrimental since it suggests that your business could easily be left behind in the competition. The inflexibility to the idea of innovation will certainly make you struggle at one point. The failure to innovate thus can cause your startup to fail.


There are many ways you can promote innovation within your workplace. Try starting to make innovation one of your business’ core values and creating an innovative environment where time and space for new ideas are provided.

Inefficient budgeting

Budgeting can look different for each business. Inefficient budgeting commonly refers to the long process, resource depletion and too many wasted hours. Budgeting plays a huge role for businesses as it balances the expenses and income, and ultimately help the business owners make more informed financial decisions. A business with an inefficient budgeting unfortunately sets itself up for a host of financial troubles.

If you have realized that your business is having inefficient budgeting, work on the challenges one at a time.


Leadership gaps

Many said that a business is only as effective as its leadership. Leaders’ skills gap are often blamed for sequences of business failures. Businesses who fail to address these gaps in leadership could experience unforeseen damages within the system due to lack of guidance.

There are various ways to close the gaps to leadership skills once you have identified them. If you have not, conduct an appropriate survey to uncover them as soon as possible to avoid failure.


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