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Upgrade your Instagram strategy with these 5 tips

Social media has always been an ideal place for small businesses to practice their marketing efforts.

Not surprisingly, Instagram is especially well-suited for businesses who take the more economical approaches to advertising and engaging with an audience. Not only setting up an account is free, it’s also just a matter of minutes before you can get your account moving.

Read on to see if you can apply any of these tips to advance your Instagram strategy today.

Actively enagage with your followers

Answering your messages and responding to your followers’ comments are good ways to start. However, you need to take a step further to ensure you don’t fall behind your rivals.

Nowadays brands don’t just stop there. They follow their followers back, like their contents and even reach out first.

As Paul Roetzer, Marketing AI Institute Founder & CEO Marketing, said: “Every trackable interaction creates a data-point, and every data-point tells a piece of the customer’s story.”

Share what go into your products or services


Behind-the-scenes content is authentic and unique. Sharing it will help your brand establish distinctive values and build trust with the viewers naturally. By doing this, you’re also sharing your team’s personality, which will set your business apart of the game even more.

Incorporate multiple captivating elements

It will require some creativity to captivate an audience. Exploit your and your people’s creative gifts and put them into each of your content. A catchy piece of music, a witty editing skill, and a sense of humor will put your brand at the top of the viewers’ mind.

Remember, “If your content isn’t driving conversation, you’re doing it wrong.” said Daniel Roth, LinkedIn’s Editor in Chief.

Bring the spotlight to your consumers

Reposting your buyers’ content of your products is a way to show your support of and appreciation to them. This promotes authentic engagement between your business and your current and future shoppers. Ultimately, strong customer relationships will lead to sustainability and growth.

Brand content created voluntarily by the buyers or user-generated content also encourages buyers to share their realistic and personal experiences with the brand.

Stay active and post regularly

Lastly, consistency will lead to progress. Getting your audience to expect new content from your brand will provide them some enjoyment in seeing your posts. After all, you can buy your “followers” but you can not buy engagement.

It’s also important to make sure that your content is informative, entertaining or relatable.




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