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Social media best practice tips for 2022

Best practice on social media is far and away the most important thing marketers need to be all over. Things are constantly changing in the digital space, and social media is certainly no exception.

Plan it out

As the old saying goes, when you fail to plan, you plan to fail. It will be a much more effective strategy to ensure relevant posts are consistent than relying purely on capturing the right moment.

Be flexible

In our ever-evolving world, it’s so important to keep an ear to the ground on changes to platforms, requirements, advertising rules, targeting options, etc. Ensure that your social media strategy has wiggle room for when things change. Subscribe to social media newsletters. Set reminders to check platforms for any changes. Be proactive and stay ahead of your competition.

Tailor your content

While it’s far easier to ‘one-and-done’ a piece of content and post on every platform, it’s far more lucrative and time-worthy to tailor your strategy for every platform and audience segment.

If you are unsure where to begin, perform an audit on each platform you post. Your audience on LinkedIn may be entirely different from your audience on TikTok.

Capitalise on free tools


You don’t have to subscribe to ten different social media tools to compete. There are plenty of free tools available that can make implementing your social media strategy a bit easier.

  • Canva is an excellent tool for designing content, and there is a free tier.

  • Buffer is a fantastic tool for scheduling content.

  • Unsplash is your one-stop-shop for any free stock photo needs.

Research often

Social media is changing all of the time. It’s vital to stay in the know, or you’ll get left in the dust. A good practice to follow is a daily, weekly, or monthly reminder to check the news about your industry and get a pulse check on what’s trending on social media.

Manage your community

Once you have your community engaging with what you post, then it’s time to capitalise on it. Simply like, comment, share. Ask questions, answer questions, respond frequently. It’s also a great way to stick out from your competitors.


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