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Small Business Connections (SBC) is a media platform that delivers targeted content, news, industry reports, trends and tips to business owners, entrepreneurs, startups and stakeholders in the SME sector.

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SBC Magazine Vol1 - Issue5

In this issue: October 2020

This issue also has a detailed insight to electric cars as well as battery technology from Tesla.

With spring and warmer weather, we showcase the independent Australian Wineries as well as Yarra Valley.

And finally, I am pleased to report that SBC will be together with our partners present an important and SME virtual business events early February 2021.

Small Business Connections Summit together with Small Business Expo will be the first major business forums on the 16-17-18 February 2021.

The events are free to attend and I invite all our readers and subscribers to take advantage of this excellent networking and SME showcase.

From the SBC Team we wish you and your colleagues a safe and stress-journey “getting back to business”

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An informed resource to keep the Australian small business community up to date on critical issues, trends, solutions and in depth features with articles and topics related to the SMEs market. SBC Magazine also incorporate lifestyle with business travel, restaurants, wine, technology, motor vehicles, luxury items, health, education and entertainment.
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Small Business Connections is a media platform which has evolved with the support of the ABF Group. ABF has over the past ten years established major business events and business services to the SME sector in both Australia and Asia. Small Business Connections joins a select group of media companies that together support and promote SMEs. Small Business Connections is dedicated to providing information, knowledge and access to the latest trends solutions and critical issues that effect small business in their endeavors. Small Business Connections media platform is a business hub to showcase and connect small business across all industry sectors.


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