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Jetstar: How to make your brand more appealing

At the heart of every organisation is ‘the customer.’ The growth of online channels has forced brands to reconsider and revamp their customer experience strategies in order to engage with a modern customer who is accessing information across a wide variety of platforms.

Managing to reach and engage potential customers and turning them into loyal brand ambassadors is the aim of most marketing activity. However in an environment where technology is constantly transforming customer behaviour, this is sometimes easier said than done.

Ahead of the Customer Conference at MAD Week 2014, Cath Stone, head of customer strategy at Jetstar, explores the three most important elements of a customer experience strategy and five principles Jetstar is using to make their brand appealing to their customers.

The Three Building Blocks of Jetstar’s customer strategy

  1. Eliminate the ‘pain points’

Removing the problems annoying customers from the outset



  1. Fix problems swiftly

When our customers experience problems, we make sure we have the ability to fix those problems. So our frontline teams can address it in real time and the issue doesn’t have to escalate through a call centre.

  1. Build a customer culture

Building a customer culture within our organisation becomes an inherent part of what we do and who we are.


Source: Jetstar




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