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How to protect your business with stronger customer relationships

Survival is anchored in community.

It doesn’t matter which technological advancements are taking us into the future, our physical and mental survival still boils down to our humanity.

What’s been clearly highlighted during these waves of lockdowns is our deep dependence on social interaction and community. It’s what makes us human.

It doesn’t matter what age group you talk to, one of the toughest aspects is the physical isolation.

From young children missing their preschool playmates, to the elderly feeling not only isolated but scared of catching the virus. And all they want is someone to hug.


We are social beings.

Think of your happiest moments in life – they always involve other people, sharing common goals, interests, and aspirations.

While more and more, we’ve gravitated to technology to speed up our communications with people. And now we’re very efficient at exchanging information on the fly.

In our minds, we think we’re still connecting emotionally, and maintaining relationships, by posting on social media. But the average Facebook user in 2020 apparently has 155 friends, and how many of them would we even count as being part of our inner circles?

Quality will win over quantity. Always.

Big questions have suddenly been answered for us by nature, on an epic global scale. Lockdowns have given us a sharp, timely reminder of our primal need for truly meaningful connection – to be part of a caring community.

Now we know for certain that it’s about who you know, not how many people you know.

Our emotional intelligence has had to be amped-up to cope with the complexities of reading vocal tones and body language via Zoom and other video-based platforms.

BTW our brains are also being rapidly rewired during this time, to adapt to screen-life, social distancing, long queues, masks, dodging people at the park on a ‘relaxing’ walk. The list goes on.

All those tiny details of lockdown life have accumulated in our heads, and won’t be going away in a hurry, even as restrictions are eased.

Because they’ve been around long enough to become ingrained as new thought-patterns and habits.

And one of the major reasons for lockdown-fatigue and mental health issues is that our brains hate breaking old habits. They will resist, and use up a lot of energy in the process, because re-thinking everything you do is tiring.

Business is life.

The role of business in our life is no different. It’s about meeting people’s needs.

So how do you protect your business in this stressful, new environment?

It’s about forming a stronger, emotional relationship with your customers – as a community.

So many of us have forgotten the art of listening, and having real conversations. Instead we’ve become lazy, and quite frankly arrogant. We think we know enough, and are content to just make assumptions.

Which may all sound like Covid-Kumbaya! But genuine caring & sharing with customers is critical to securing your future.


If you’d like to know more email judy@engage4insights.com. Or check out their website where you’ll find lots of free resources to help your business thrive.


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