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How online retailers can build stronger relationships with customers

E-commerce is the way of the future and is growing each day at an astonishing rate. With online sales now account for around one-quarter of the total retail market according to data from Savvy report. Retailers who overlook e-commerce may see their trade lessening as consumers continue to shift to ordering products online.

Yet with so much freedom, online store owners may not know where to begin with curating their online stores and not recognise how beneficial the trade even is.

Some of the Top Benefits of e-commerce for Retailers
– Easy access to market / international markets
– Reduced overheads
– Potential for rapid growth
– Personalized online experience
– Easy to retarget and remarket your audience
– Customers get a less invasive experience
– Process high-volume of orders at any time

Australian-owned fashion retailer Showpo has successfully been running an online store since 2010 without any physical stores. Much to its success, the retailer has flourished due to its modern take on promoting its brand initiatives with also the added benefits of the world excessively adapting to online purchasing habits.

Being an online store doesn’t mean any less quality of customer service is taken away. Take for example Lovehoney Australia – a successfully run online retail business with booming, quality customer reviews, glowing across their social platforms.


So, what makes a quality online customer experience?

  • Make sure your site loads at a fast rate.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of high-quality photos
  • Make it easy for customers to get in contact with you
  • Offer live chat
  • Provide a FAQ page
  • Make the checkout experience simple
  • Offer discounts, free shipping, or member codes
  • Offer a clear returns policy

For those retailers that are still brick-and-mortar, now’s the time to get your store online, perhaps even using your physical store as an order fulfillment center when foot traffic is low. Even if an e-commerce website is not the platform that may benefit your customers, try setting the tone in other areas:

  • Uber / Delivery
  • Blogging
  • Community Forums

So next time you are thinking of sky rocketing sales, add “online retailing” to your cart, as the reward at the end of working day is much greater. With lots of readily-available tools and software to get selling online, will offer the perfect opportunity to open a gateway for more opportunities.

Article by Dani Giardina – National Retail Association Marketing Unit.


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