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Big Tech for Small Business

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The data economy is driven by insights that even small businesses can harness

‘Data’ and ‘insight’ are two terms that are sometimes – mistakenly – used interchangeably. Let’s be clear, data refers to the raw numbers. Insight can only be gained once these numbers are analysed. Insights therefore serve as the link between data and successful business outcomes. The World Economic Forum recently estimated the entire digital universe to be

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28% hike in small business complaints against their telecoms provider

Fresh data from the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman’s (TIO) office reveals a 28% hike in small business complaints against their telecommunications provider in the latest quarter. The Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman Kate Carnell says too many small businesses are getting a raw deal from their phone and internet service providers, following a spike

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Government to update payment system due to contactless COVID frenzy

The Morrison Government will review the regulatory architecture of the Australian payments system as part of the Digital Business Package announced in the 2020-21 Budget to ensure it remains fit for purpose and is capable of supporting continued innovation for the benefit of both businesses and consumers. The Government is investing almost $800 million to

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Australia is fourth in the Asia Pacific for SMB digitalisation

COVID-19 has accelerated the digitalization of businesses. Cisco’s 2020 Asia Pacific SMB Digital Maturity Study shows that nearly 70 percent of SMBs in Asia Pacific are accelerating the digitalization of their businesses as a result of COVID-19. As SMBs become more digitally mature, they could add as much as US$3.1 Trillion to Asia Pacific’s GDP

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NSW launches app to streamline COVID check-ins at local businesses

Image credit to Proxyclick     Service NSW check-in app rolls out statewide. The app will make it quicker for guests to check-in at venues and help businesses stay safe against potential COVID-19 outbreaks.  The Service NSW app will roll out the use of QR codes to help capture guest information and make check-in at venues easier. The information

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Zuckerberg says regulating Facebook ads will hurt small businesses

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg has warned that any attempts to regulate Facebook could hurt the businesses that rely on its targeted advertising services. During a call with investors following Facebook’s Q2 results – in which the company recorded 11 per cent growth – Zuckerberg voiced his concern regarding the potential regulation of Facebook and other online advertising

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One vendor, One solution

How an integrated, end-to-end cloud solution has aided the unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic COVID-19 has upended how business is conducted, here and all around the globe. While organisations of all sizes have been impacted, small businesses in particular have faced steep challenges as they have struggled to adapt to ongoing stay at home

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